Waitrose Foundation At Work

The necessity of ‘Adaptability’ in Social Development Processes

May 2019

Cederberg Wines is located near Clanwilliam in the beautiful Cederberg region of the Western Cape, South Africa. The owners and management team recently demonstrated their willingness to adapt their existing business and social management practices as part of necessary changes to build a healthier community and more productive business environment.

Management representatives and newly elected community leaders attended and actively participated in personal development processes arranged by The Waitrose Foundation SA, their social development partner. The team sacrificed time after work, participated with genuine interest and enthusiasm, and willingly subjected themselves to a personal strengths assessment process which was a completely new experience for most of them. The owner’s support was critical to the success of the project as the activities were integrated into work programmes. It was encouraging to see that the owners realised how the attendees’ active participation would contribute to personal and social wellbeing and in turn affect productivity levels.