Waitrose Foundation At Work

Youth in the Northern Cape benefit from the ‘Ontdek’ programme

December 2021

In mid-December a two day training session with a group of high school learners was held in the Northern Cape.

Our Waitrose Foundation Manager Education and Training Support, Hilda Links, coordinated the workshop along with service provider, Spieël Collective. They facilitated the training sessions at Oranje Rus on Kanoneiland and youth from Karsten and Swartbooisberg farms were in attendance.

The ONTDEK (discover) programme is extremely effective in reaching the young people by using their creative expression through various mediums and getting them to engage on important topics relevant to them. We are always delighted to witness the incredible journey of discovery facilitated by the highly skilled team from Spieël. They are not only professional and focused on the task at hand, but they engage with attendees with genuine warmth and empathy – a quality we value greatly.