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The impact of the Bursary Recipient Journey (Kopano Nyokana / De Doorns)


In March 2020 we shared on our channels about Kopano's journey from candidate for our bursary programme, through his studies and eventually to securing permanent employment in the industry. We connected with him again recently and below is a note we received from him. So encouraging! Thank you Kopano. We continue to wish you well for the way forward.

"As I continue to witness growth and development as a person and a professional, it remains solidly a story of a boy who grew up in the Hex River Valley with humble beginnings. It happened for me to fall in love with agriculture (viticulture) at a time when my mother was a farm general worker and I would go work under her supervision when I was 16 years old, during summer school holidays. That's exactly where the bond between myself and farming took strength and after completion of matric, I continued farming.

Fast forward: I would like to acknowledge the effort and the support from my mother as well as Mr Robert Rabie and Mrs Erika Rabie for enormous help and support in encouraging me through the ranks. I could successfully complete a number of programmes under their mentorship. I will never forget my mother's face at my graduation ceremonies as I've not seen her like that before. I had minus zero percent (-0%) chance to succeed at Elsenburg College, but team effort made it possible. I would also like to thank the Waitrose Foundation SA for making it possible for me to participate in the academic race. Ke leboha haholo mme ea ntsoetseng ka tshehetso."