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Foundation partners prioritise their workers’ Holistic Wellness

November 2019

The Foundation’s regional managers often visit partner farms all across South Africa and are inspired when seeing the practical value impact on farms workers of Foundation funded projects. Westfalia in Tzaneen is an excellent example of how workers directly benefit from various Community Development Projects.

Westfalia strives to deliver a variety of projects to promote access to health and education and to promote economic sustainability for all employees. The projects include CAMI (Computer Aided Maths Instruction), the ABET Adult Literacy Programme, a Wellness Centre and a Creche – all projects supported by the Foundation.

Key benefits of providing the creche service include improved nourishment and wellness of the children as well as equipping them for their formal school career. The primary focus of this important service is aimed at the start of the child’s development stages. It provides an invaluable service to farm worker families - giving them peace of mind that their children are well cared for, especially in the critical pre-school phase.

Foundation partners prioritise their workers’ Holistic Wellness