Waitrose Foundation At Work

Cederberg Wines mindful of the Health & Well-being of their workers

October 2022

We received feedback from Pieter Arno du Toit, Marketing Manager and Project Coordinator at Cederberg Wines:
"Thanks to Anneline Rentzke De Bruyn, I can post this amazing image of our farm's celebrations during Cancer week - thinking of those that walked the walk and survived and those that are still doing it, but also those that left us because of this 'Disease'. We have today started a four day celebration. Thank you Cederberg Wine Farm, thank you The Waitrose Foundation - SA, thank you Spieel, thank you ACT - Citrusdal. And thank you Dala - you are SO supportive."

We are delighted to have seen this post shared by Pieter. The weekend's activities were linked to the farm's Health Services Project - expanding their focus beyond Primary Health Care to incorporate more of the aspects of Emotional, Mental & Relational Wellbeing in Families and the Community.