Waitrose Foundation At Work

The importance of aftercare facilities on farms

October 2019

Jordaan Farm in De Doorns recently openend their new Yamakaya Partial Care Facility (Early Childhood Development as well as Aftercare Centre). This project is supported by the Foundation and below photo was taken at the official opening celebration. Pictured here are Dirk Jansen (Chairman of the worker committee) and Kobus Visagie (General Manager of Waitrose Foundation SA).

This facility will provide a place of safety for children as well as opportunities for holistic development. Parents will have peace of mind while at work - their kids being the primary beneficiaries of this fantastic new project.

The need for this facility was identified by the farm workers. The Worker Committee consulted with the farm management and owner and a piece of land was made available for the construction of the facility.

The desired outcome is improved school readiness for preschool children while the school going children will participate in a holistic development programme, including academic, educational, life skills, arts & culture and sport activities.

Creative arts projects create opportunities for farmworker children