Waitrose Foundation At Work

YearBeyond Yeboneers of the 2023 intake prepare for the World of Work

September 2023

As one of the YearBeyond programme implementing partners, we often share about programme progress and activities. In September all enrolled Yeboneers had to undergo Practice Interviews to prepare them for when they are facing employment opportunities after completion of the programme. They complete their academic and practical components of the 2023 programme in November.

Soon they are heading out into the world of work, but they'll be well prepared! As one of the programme's implementing partners, we are excited to witness the personal as well as professional growth in these young people. A special note of thanks goes to our Waitrose Foundation Regional Coordinator, Eleanor Louw, who is responsible for the Witzenberg group which includes a number of young people from our partner farms in the area.

“At YearBeyond we are intentional about preparing our Youth for life after the programme. Through our Pathway & Progression support we cover CV writing, interview skills, and connect youth to opportunities through our annual career fairs. We’re grateful that Yeboneers get access to practice interviews with industry professionals giving back and playing their part in supporting our youth. They provide invaluable interview tips and guidance to our youth through a mock interview experience.”