Waitrose Foundation At Work

NUTRITION - the Foundation of Development (Karsten Group, Northern Cape)

September 2022

"Good food provided with love helps me to: TRUST you, believe in myself, be healthy, grow, learn, run and jump, have hope, become the best ME!"

We received wonderful feedback from Jacomien Botes (Social Development, Karsten Group) about what is happening at their partial care facilities and specifically the positive impact that recent training sessions had on the staff who cook meals for the kids. It is so encouraging to hear that the ladies are making such a significant contribution to the quality of nutrition and care on Karsten farms, impacting a total of 97 beneficiaries. Vegetable gardens have also been established and we look forward to lots of 'new growth' soon!

"Our kids are flourishing as a result of a combination of good nutrition and excellent educational stimulation. We are grateful for the Waitrose Foundation funding received as well as training of our cooks. Their selfworth has increased and they are serving healthy meals with confidence. We are looking forward to eating our own vegetables! Thank you for being our partner in bringing hope." (Jacomien Botes)