Waitrose Foundation At Work

Youth Advance with the Support of the Waitrose Foundation

September 2019

Kopano Nyokana walked from farm to farm during the month of January 2014 and eventually found work at Buffelskraal in De Doorns, Western Cape. He was enrolled in a Fruit Packaging & Grading Skills Course supported by the Department for International Development (a British Government Department initiative). Three weeks after owner Robert Rabie employed him as a seasonal worker he already identified his potential for career advancement. Upon successful completion of the above-mentioned course and receiving permanent employment on the farm, he qualified for the Bursary Programme of Waitrose Foundation. Kopano continued his studies and successfully completed a Higher Certificate in Horticulture & Viticulture.

His vibrant personality, academic performance and strong work ethic attracted the attention of senior management of ACG Fruits Farm, where he completed the practical component of his study programme. This resulted in an offer of employment as Assistant Production Manager which he’s recently accepted.

Kopano is still determined to find a way to achieve his academic goal of completing a degree in Agricultural Studies and is fully committed to achieving this in due course. All throughout his studies and career advancement he received incredible support from his mother, who is also an agri-worker, and from institutions such as Buffelskraal Farm and The Waitrose Foundation.