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Creative arts projects create opportunities for farmworker children

September 2019

Music Development Programmes on farms create opportunities for children and youth to discover, develop and express their talents through the Arts. An example of this in the Grabouw area, relates to initiatives run by Bestie Ryke of the Rural Arts Network along with various service providers, accommodating kids from farms like Dennergeur in music programmes.

Apart from developing their skills in music and the arts, they are also given the opportunity to perform at events. Below are images from a recent event of combined prestige marimba performances in collaboration with a number of local schools and Rademan Productions at the Hessequa Harmony Festival.

Participation in events like these is a source of pride and sense of accomplishment for the youngsters as well as their parents (most of them farm workers) and is an enjoyable social gathering for the community. The Foundation is proud to be in support of projects like these that give growth opportunities to kids, especially in rural areas where access would otherwise be extremely limited.

Creative arts projects create opportunities for farmworker children