Waitrose Foundation At Work

Healthy Food for Healthy Kids – The focus of Training in Nutrition / Northern Cape

August 2022

Our Manager Education and Training Support, Hilda Links, and workshop facilitator and dietitian, Nicomie Bosman, were in the Northern Cape mid-August for two days' training with cooks working in partial care centres on our grower partner farms in the region. The workshop was being held at African Vineyard at Kanoneiland and a group of 17 participants attended. Topics that were covered included:

  • The important role and responsibilities of the person preparing meals at partial care facilities.
  • The values and policies of partial care centres with regards to feeding and nutrition.
  • Basic food groups, creating wholesome, balanced meals and how to care for underfed children.
  • Needs and guidelines with regards to the feeding of children of different ages, including reference to breast feeding and the safe and correct preparation of formula.
  • Portion sizes
  • Kitchen equipment and general tips for measurement of ingredients.
  • Developing recipes, menus, kitchen work schedules and shopping lists.
  • Food preparation, storage and general hygiene.

A lot of content was covered in two days and the ladies all embraced the learning opportunity and especially the application of newly acquired knowledge and skills once they returned to work.