Waitrose Foundation At Work

Worker Committee Members from grower partners in Grabouw receive skills training.

July 2023

Another enthusiastic group of workers received Worker Committee Training last week at the Devonvale Golf & Wine Estate outside Stellenbosch. Pictured here is the group from several farms in the Grabouw area, including Glen Fruin and De Rust. It was a productive two days, covering below topics and doing a lot of group work with very valuable outcomes and workable follow up actions for the committee members. Thank you to Renaldo van Hoogstraten from Skills for U for all his time, input and fantastic engagement with the group.

Feedback received from one of the attendees: “I am Daniel Geldenhuys. I’m from Glen Fruin, a farm in Grabouw. I am grateful for Waitrose for the opportunity to be here in training. Initially I was very nervous about what it was going to be about and the complexity of the content. However, I found it to be a very interesting programme presented for us as a committee. We represent the interests of our worker community - to be the link between the farm management and the workers. We had a few sessions about the wellbeing of workers, how to approach and plan for projects benefiting workers on the farms. The farm where we work produces fresh fruit. But the wellbeing of workers also contribute to the success of the business. We now have a better perspective on how to do planning and how to execute projects. Of great importance to achieve success in this regard is teamwork in any project you undertake. We say thank you to everyone who attended, who welcomed us at the training, and to the presenters. We believe that what we know now we will be able to apply and that it will move us forward to success.”

Topics covered:

  • The Purpose of workers committee
  • Constitution / Code of Conduct
  • Roles and Responsibilities of committee members
  • Skills sets / Attributes of committee members
  • Plan and Organise meetings
  • How to lead effective group discussion
  • Grievance procedure
  • Importance of discipline in the workplace and community
  • How to conduct needs assessments
  • How to compile a community profile
  • How to compose a social development plan
  • Project identification and planning
  • Character and confidence