Waitrose Foundation At Work

Education and Training: New Worker Committee at Dasdrif Farm, Moorresburg

July 2021

In June this year a new worker committee was elected at Dasdrif farm. Congratulations to Abel, Zelda, Marius, Jacobus, Benjamin, Leona and Yolanda who were identified by their co-workers as the team they want to represent their interests on the farm. They were elected by a democratic voting process earlier in June and all workers participated in the voting process. The committee has also chosen their chairperson and secretary.

In follow up in July our Waitrose Foundation Regional Coordinator, Eleanor Louw, spent time with the committee in a two day training workshop. They were all braving the cold and observing the meeting safety protocols in order to attend. The focus of the training was on the responsibilities of farm worker committees, the personal skills and traits essential to committee members, as well as meeting procedures. We wish the committee a rewarding and productive leadership journey ahead.