Waitrose Foundation At Work

Warmth, Light and Connectivity At Frankenhof Farm, Buffeljagsrivier

June 2023

Frankenhof, one of our grower partners in the Western Cape (near Swellendam), is situated in an area where periods of loadshedding are often extended. Many times, notification is received that there will be no electricity for most of the day.

As a result of the impact of frequent and extended loadshedding periods, the decision was made by the farm worker community to use available Waitrose Foundation project funds to purchase gas stoves, fire extinguishers, two generators for lights, fridges, change over switches, as well as an inverter for the Partial Care Centre.

The inverter at the centre ensures that learners have access to a facility with a reliable supply of electricity for lights and the use of computers. A container was also purchased for the storage of the generator fuel and other equipment. This project has 54 direct beneficiaries on the farm.
The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. Just being able to cook at home and have sufficient lighting make all the difference to families. They can also receive guests as the warmth and light, even during loadshedding, have made connecting with friends and family on the farm possible. It is much appreciated in the cold winter season.

Many of our grower partners have opted to apply available funding in this way and it is encouraging to see the impact, especially knowing that learning can continue in partial care centres without interruption to the power supply during loadshedding.