Waitrose Foundation At Work

Line managers and supervisors receive Experiential Training in People Management

June 2022

On 1 and 2 June we enjoyed two productive days in training at the Trail’s End Bike Hotel in Grabouw, working with a group of line managers and supervisors. The workshop was presented by the Waitrose Foundation’s CEO, Kobus Visagie.

As the Waitrose Foundation (Southern Africa) we strive to improve the Livelihoods of Agri-workers on farms supplying fresh produce to Waitrose (UK). Effective and Efficient People Management is arguably also one of the most telling factors determining the sustainability of the supply-chain and the productivity of worker-teams. Although this important skill often exists at senior management level, line managers and supervisors are seldom schooled in motivational management and managing the well-being of workers living and working on farms.

This programme for Line Managers in Agriculture, focusing on 'Motivational Management for Wellness' was specifically designed by the Waitrose Foundation (SA) to enhance both productivity and the livelihoods of Agri-workers on the farms of our Supply Partners. The two day workshop included topics such as: Line Managers’ role in People Management, Line Managers and their Worker Communities, developing an own Management Style, Motivation, Productivity, Job Design, Managing the Job Environment of Subordinates, Managing their Job Content, Management by Objective, Job Satisfaction, Performance Management, Management of Under-performance, Leadership vs Management.