Waitrose Foundation At Work

Nature and indigenous vegetation flourish from focused attention at Bosman Adama

May 2023

A passion for nature and indigenous vegetation, nuturing new growth, and focusing on community empowerment - this is all evident in Waitrose Foundation supported projects at Bosman Adama Grapevines and Plant Improvement outside Wellington.

These photos were received from Celesté Steyn at Bosman Adama. It shows the progress of the Groenberg Enviromental Project. The focus of this project is the rehabilitation of the Groenberg mountain from alien vegetation to natural threatened Fynbos, endemic to this region. It is done in partnership with the Bovlei Community and Adama Foundation Trust, creating several employment opportunities for community members. All revenue is used in community projects and identified community needs.

The processes include the clearing of alien trees, veld rehabilitation, reducing soil erosion, and using goats to disperse Fynbos seeds throughout the rehabilitation area through their waste. The goats also control alien vegetation regrowth. Positive outcomes from this particular project include:

- Community members serve as goat herders and the income from the sale of the goats' offspring is used within the local community for more programmes.
- Local contractors from the community eradicate alien species.
- Environmental tourism: members of the community are trained as trail guides.
- An indigenous Fynbos nursery where indigenous species are propagated and used to either replant or sell.

Current data:
- 35 goats with offspring expected
- 9.5 ha cleared of alien vegetation to facilitate natural rehabilitation
- 12.6 ha trees cut down with more work to follow
- A total of 22.1 ha currently being rehabilitated
- Another 20 ha earmarked for the same process
- Fynbos nursery established and thriving

Exciting new growth and fantastic community involvement - well done to everyone involved in these inspiring projects!