Waitrose Foundation At Work

Family time and fun creating value for all at Roepersfontein, Kanoneinland

May 2023

We've received more photos from Jacomien Botes, responsible for Social Development at the Karsten Group. These photos were taken during a special parent/family evening held at Roepersfontein on Kanoneiland farm (Northern Cape) in May.

The new partial care facilitator appointed at Roepersfontein, Stacey-Lee Julies, addressed the parents and shared about the various facilities and services their children have access to and benefit from (including the CAMI programme). Apart from practical arrangements for attendance and general communications, facilitators also focused on fun activities for the family, incorporating positive experiences for everyone. On this particular evening, the group played the game 'You know me well' and the purpose was to strengthen relationships between family members.

Jacobus Minnies spoke to the parents about the importance of discipline by way of the 'restorative conversation'. Children are given the opportunity to gain insight into their actions and its consequences, to take responsibility, and follow through with the necessary steps to resolve the matter. This process results in positive change in behaviour, rather than the focus placed only on punishment. Important conversations indeed, and opportunities to build enduring relationships. Thank you to Jacomien for sharing about these activities on the farm.