Waitrose Foundation At Work

Child Protection Week highlighting the need for Care by the whole Community

May 2023

During Child Protection Week (28 May – 4 June) we received feedback from our enthusiastic and very hardworking Yeboneers group in the Witzenberg District - Ceres and Prince Alfred's Hamlet. This group is supported by our Waitrose Foundation Regional Coordinator, Eleanor Louw. These photos were taken at some of the At Home programme activities where the Yeboneers were keeping children safe and productively occupied within their communities.

The provisions in the Children's Act 38 of 2005, detail the rights of children as contained in the Constitution. Chapter 5 on Partial Care is of particular importance to us and our grower partners across South Africa as it provides a framework within which the requirements for providing partial care are outlined. On many of our partner farms, partial care facilities are absolutely essential for providing quality care within a safe, stimulating, and clean environment for the children of agri-workers. As the Waitrose Foundation, we offer guidance and support to our grower partners with regards to matters of compliance as well as providing training opportunities for partial care facilitators and project coordinators.