Waitrose Foundation At Work

Seniors honoured for support of Sports Teams at Saratoga, Robertson

May 2022

In April we shared photos of the Stallions Cricket team of Saratoga farm in the Robertson district and the new equipment and gear they purchased with Waitrose Foundation funds which the worker committee allocated for that purpose.

We also received this photo with a truly heart-warming story behind it. Pictured here are a group of seniors who live on the farm and who have always been enthusiastic supporters of the team. Some of them are not able to attend the away games anymore or get to the local field, but they always encourage the team and want to be kept up to date with what's happening.

After a lifetime of contributing value to their families and community, the seniors can sometimes feel left out and alone. But at Saratoga, the worker committee used some of their funds for team jerseys for their seniors to show them that they are valued and to honour them for their support. One of the seniors, Uncle Willie, still drives out to the away games and does not miss a single event. According to Pienie Baardman, the first game of the season had a very dramatic end with one ball left to bowl and one wicket standing. The Stallions got their wicket and managed to draw the game! We wish them all the best for the season.