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Primary School kitchens at Nyami Berries benefit from Veggie Garden projects

May 2022

We are delighted to share these photos received from Rowen Markie of United Exports, reporting on various garden projects at grower partner, Nyami Berries, in the Northern province. These images were taken of the Kwaganyape Primary School's garden project (in 2022) and the Majakaneng Primary school's kitchen and vegetable garden project (in 2021).

The fencing was erected to stop the community goats nibbling the veggies and the soil and irrigation were prepared in January / February of this year by the Nyami Berries team for the Kwaganyape Primary School. The planting commenced in March / April. The Majakeneng Primary school's new kitchen and vegetable garden project was completed at the end of 2021.

The vegetable gardens' produce is a wonderful source of fresh produce for the school kitchens where healthy meals are provided for the kids. It is also a sustainable project with a positive impact on the environment as well as a learning opportunity for kids attending the school. Well done to the team at Nyami Berries.