Waitrose Foundation At Work

Economic Empowerment and Sustainability at Indigo Berries, Wellinton

May 2022

One the visits included in the week we hosted the delegation from Waitrose in the UK (9 - 13 May 2022) was to Indigo Berries in Wellington with United Exports. This inspiring community project is the Ernita Sewing Enterprise established in September 2019. In the photos included, the ladies involved in the project are talking about their activities and expressing their appreciation for the support from the Waitrose Foundation. They also promoted the re-usable sanitary kits.

The beneficiaries of this project are unemployed female farm residents. The Waitrose Foundation supports the enterprise by ordering masks and buffs from them. Their current product range includes: buffs, bibs and reusable female sanitary kits.

Over the last three and a half years the enterprise has grown to be a profitable business. This is the golden thread between the Waitrose Foundation and its exporters in that it advances Economic Empowerment among the workers and the surrounding communities. Nine households benefit indirectly from the income earned by the ladies. Rowen Markie (Manager Sustainability) is supporting the ladies on behalf of United Exports.