Waitrose Foundation At Work

Positive feedback from Psychosocial Support & Skills Sharing Workshops

May 2021

On Friday, 21 May, two of our team members, Eleanor Louw (Regional Coordinator) and Caroline Poole (Manager Marketing and Evaluation), attended a feedback session hosted by Kromco in follow up after workshops held at Houwhoek Hotel in March. The attendees were aftercare facilitators from Waitrose partner farms as well as HR professionals.

The meeting was held at Paul Cluver estate's restaurant and was opened by Rayneldo Visenyoue, Training and Development Manager at Kromco. Rayneldo took the initiative to arrange this session and also put together the programme for the day.

Eleanor and Caroline were very encouraged by the feedback received and specifically the focus placed on building community and strengthening networks formed at the resilience workshop. The group shared about how the two day process with facilitators from Spieel Arts Collective impacted and inspired them. Some of the take-home value included improved connections with others, more effective stress management skills and genuine care for those in their teams.

We express our thanks to Kromco and Rayneldo for hosting Friday's session and wish them success with the larger project rolling out within the organisation that will impact partner farms in future.