Waitrose Foundation At Work

Worker Committee Training in Worcester

April 2023

It was another busy week in April for our team when various training programmes and site visits happened in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape in early April. These photos were taken during the start of the Worker Committee Training in Worcester with representatives from Habata, Karsten and Sandhoek Farms. It is quite a busy and intense few days for the attendees and they have a lot of content to cover in order to equip the committee members for the very important responsibility of representing their worker community.

A lot of group work is also done during these workshops, facilitating the process of learning and specifically focusing on Farm Profiling, Project Identification and Planning, as well as doing individual presentations, building the participants’ Public Speaking skills. It was, as always during these workshops, an exciting growth journey for everyone in attendance and motivation for taking up the responsibilities as committee members on our partner farms.