Waitrose Foundation At Work

Creating a living Environment conducive to optimal Productivity, Comfort & Safety

APRIL 2022

As the Waitrose Foundation we endeavour to improve the standards of living of farm workers employed by Waitrose’s Grower supply partners in Southern Africa. One of our four key focus areas is the ENVIRONMENT in which agriworkers live and work. An example of where a Solar Energy project at one of our supply partners has made a very significant impact, is at Lepalala Berries in Limpopo. We received below feedback from this Waitrose supported project through United Exports.

Lepalala Berries Solar Hybrid Employee Village Project:

“The solar panels and batteries at the labour housing village brings life to us all. Now we are having fridges for our food, geysers for us to bath with warm water especially this winter time. We are also having lights in our rooms and we are no longer struggling to charge our phones. We really appreciate the coming of this solar system here at the labour housing because it changes our lives completely.” - Joseph Chaconda (Security guard for Lepalala Berries)