Waitrose Foundation At Work

The value of Crèches & Aftercare Centres in rural communities

April 2021

Our Manager - Farm Support, Raymond Engelbrecht, recently visited Morester farm in Piketberg in the Western Cape. The focus at the Creche and Aftercare Centre is on the Early Childhood Development of farm workers' children. Of great importance is every effort made in creating a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment for the children who make use of the aftercare centre facilities. Knowing that their kids are cared for by well-trained and caring staff also gives the parents peace of mind.

Within the context of the impact of Covid-19 during the past year it was also critical for the staff to make sure that all safety protocols are in place and adhered to at all times. The continued maintenance of the facility, which was established by making use of Foundation funding, is always a priority. This facility is an excellent example of how real benefit is created for agri-workers and their families through Foundation funded projects.