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Ready, Set, GO for the Year Beyond 2023 Programme – Prince Alfred’s Hamlet

March 2023

What a fantastic start to the 2023 Year Beyond programme for this group of youth in the Witzenberg area, incorporating Ceres, Prince Alfred’s Hamlet and the Koue-Bokkeveld.

The participants’ first two week training period started on Monday 27 February and concluded on Friday, 10 March. The group was based at St Mark's Primary School in Prince Alfred's Hamlet.

Our Waitrose Foundation Regional Coordinator, Eleanor Louw, is again supporting the Witzenberg group for the full year programme in 2023, after becoming involved as representative of the Foundation (as one of the implementing partners for Year Beyond) in 2022. Eleanor is very excited for the group and looking forward to being on this journey of development and career growth with them. A significant number of the Yeboneers in this particular cohort are from Waitrose Foundation partner farms in the area. For information about Year Beyond, please visit their website and follow posts on their social media channels.