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A passion for Sport – Saratoga players excel in local rugby leagues

March 2023

We received another wonderful report from Pienie Baardman on Saratoga farm, one of our grower partners in the Robertson district. Pienie's feedback demonstrates the importance of community development projects and creating an enabling environment (through sports programmes in particular), and giving young people the opportunity to excel in what they’re naturally gifted to do and enjoy. It also brings communities together in support of their local sports teams, enhancing their Health and Well-being.

Let’s hear directly from Pienie (translated from Afrikaans):

“Pictured here playing rugby is Marshall Jasson from Saratoga. Marshall was in the All Stars rugby team. While at Langeberg High School he played for the U19 team. He joined the All Stars for a season and then played for Robertson Town. From the All Stars team Marshall was chosen to play in the Boland U20 trails, but unfortunately fell out at the final trail in Wellington. After that he returned to Saratoga working fulltime on the farm (in 2022), but this year he started at college in Citrusdal where he was immediately chosen to play for the 2nd team. A couple of weeks ago Marshall was already on the bench for the A team – the senior team (Majestic). Apart from his passion for rugby, he also loves playing cricket for the Stallions club on Saratoga. He was also part of a golf development programme hosted by a pro golfer in Robertson – an initiative that was supported by the Waitrose Foundation.

Not included in this photo, but also important to mention, is Armand Natel. He is also in college, playing rugby and cricket – another inspiring young sportsman making his mark. Armand is currently playing for Citrusdal in the Majestic rugby team.

Marshall and Armand are both products of the All Stars and Stallions sports teams at Saratoga and both were in Langeberg High. They were both part of the Waitrose Foundation’s development programmes that impacted and inspired young people to reach their potential and grab hold of opportunities for growth. We thank you as the Waitrose Foundation for your inspiration and what you invested in our community. We believe that following in the footsteps of youngsters like Marshall and Armand, there will be many more who will come up the ranks and achieve success.”