Waitrose Foundation At Work

The value of Sport & Community at Saratoga

MARCH 2022

We have previously mentioned the Sports projects at Saratoga farm in the Robertson district, and specifically their rugby team who recently started training again from the upcoming season. Due to Covid-19 restrictions they were not able to train for a long time, but are now, in 2022, highly motivated to get fit and ready for upcoming matches.

Waitrose Foundation funds, which the farm qualified for, have been set aside to buy additional and new sports gear and equipment for the Stallions rugby team. The aim is to retain rugby players at the club and to attract more participants. An active, competing team also creates an opportunity for the community to be involved through attending of events and enjoying social gatherings when matches are being played.

The Stallions Team is an example of united group effort. The community is extremely proud of them and excited to be supporting their team this season.