Waitrose Foundation At Work

Psychosocial Resilience Workshop held in the Northern Cape

MARCH 2022

We returned to the Northern Cape in March to continue the Psychosocial Resilience two day workshop programme which started in 2021. In March there were 18 attendees from Karsten Farms. The attendees were a group of project coordinators, Early Childhood Development practitioners and partial care facilitators.

Representing the Waitrose Foundation was Hilda Links (Manager: Education and Training Support) and Caroline Poole (Manager: Monitoring and Evaluation) and they were working alongside our workshop facilitators - service provider, Spieƫl Arts Collective.

The first workshop day was very productive and enjoyable and we received many photos, videos and positive feedback from the team in attendance. The age bracket of this group's attendees was 23 to 52 with predominantly Afrikaans home language speakers, but also some Tswana speakers. The sessions were mainly presented in English and there was an interpreter available as well.

These workshops have become a crucial part of our training programme and we see the impact of the groups' engagement with our facilitators. Attendees greatly appreciate the opportunity to have the experience of learning and growing in a safe space that is also away from their place of work. A focused, productive and life impacting process indeed.