Waitrose Foundation At Work

Arts for Psychosocial Support (APS) and Skills Sharing Workshops

March 2020

On 25 and 26 February we held the first of a series of two day workshops for 2021 with a group of participants from our grower partners, exporters and service providers mainly from the Grabouw area in the Western Cape. There were even a few attendees who came all the way from De Doorns. Another workshop was held on 18 and 19 March in Jeffrey’s Bay in the Eastern Cape where participants represented Katco, Panzi and Sonop farms in that area.

The workshops are facilitated by service provider, Spieel Arts Therapies Collective and attendees enjoy extremely valuable outcomes from the Arts for Psychosocial Support (APS) and Skills Sharing Workshop. There is so much take-home value for everyone and the feedback has been very exciting.

Thank you to Hilda Links, our Manager Education & Training Support, and colleagues, for all the hard work in preparation for the workshops and especially ensuring all required Covid-19 safety protocols are observed. It is a very productive and rewarding training process that we’re excited to continue with throughout the coming year.