Waitrose Foundation At Work

Playtime and learning at Dasdrif Moorreesburg

February 2024

We received a report from Ezoneé Marais from Dasdrif farm on how the allocated funding from the Waitrose Foundation has been productively utilised at their Korrels and Borrels crèche. The farm workers’ kids being looked after in the crèche are all given wonderful opportunities to grow as they go through various critical stages of their Early Childhood Development.


What a beautiful and colourful report, showing the team's enthusiasm as well as their commitment to the children in their care. The photo collages give one a very clear idea of what was achieved.

Funds we're used for:

  • An extra staff member during harvest season.
  • Play equipment for the children and equipment for the crèche.
  • Operational costs of the crèche (September 2023 - August 2024 period)

Gratitude was also expressed in this report for fantastic support received from The Grape Community.