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Our Yeboneers intake for 2024 kickstarts the year's programme in the Witzenberg

February 2024

The YearBeyond 2024 programme in the Witzenberg (supported by the Waitrose Foundation as implementing partner), had a very productive start in February with a group of 52 Yeboneers!<br>

These participants live on farms in the area, including Lushof, Verdun, Romans Rivier, Lindeshof, Kromfontein and Bella Vista (Prince Alfred's Hamlet, Ceres and Op Die Berg).<br>

Two different streams are running simultaneously this year: the YearBeyond At Home as well as the Catch up (CUP) Programme. We are following their activities and enjoy all the updates and photos that come through from the mentors who oversee the group this year. Keep an eye on our posts on social media and here on our website to stay up to date with their progress this year.