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Holiday Programme fun at Malkopklip, Rawsonville

Januarie 2024

Early in January, we received these photos from Moira Daniels and a wonderfully inspiring report from our grower partner outside Rawsonville about a holiday programme that was offered to young people on the farm in December.

During the course of last year, we shared about the Youth Entrepreneurship Programme that was launched at the beginning of 2023 in collaboration with the School of Entrepreneurship. They first phase of the programme has been completed and the second phase will be starting early in 2024.

One of the participants of that programme, Jeremy Manuel, decided to offer a holiday programme to kids at Malkopklip. After approaching our Manager Farm Support, Raymond Engelbrecht, there were discussions with the worker committee and farm owner to submit the idea for their authorisation. The programme was given a thumbs up and Jeremy could proceed with a three-day programme (supported by Moira Daniels who also coordinates the Western Cape group of youth entrepreneurs).

The programme included art projects and various games like 30 Seconds and Minute to Win It. It was run over three days in mid-December, just before the Christmas break. The activities were thoroughly enjoyed by the kids and there is great excitement for the possibility of more programmes like this one hosted during coming holiday periods. We commend Jeremy for taking the initiative and for keeping the kids busy with fun and productive activities!