Waitrose Foundation At Work

Leadership development opportunities through Worker Committee Training – Western Cape

Januarie 2023

Four very productive training days were enjoyed by a group of agri-workers from Waitrose Foundation partner farms in the Western Cape. The group gathered at Goudini Resort and Spa outside Rawsonville at the end of January. Two groups (25 and 16 participants respectively) attended the two 2-day training programmes focusing on capacity building for worker committees and community development on our grower partner farms in the area.

This particular group was from the United Exports group of companies. Grower Wolseley Berries was represented with attendees from Wolseley as well as Paarl. We recorded a number of videos taken at the end of the training days where participants shared their feedback, explaining the positive personal and career development impact of the training. The videos were uploaded to our Facebook and Instagram accounts and can still be viewed there.