Waitrose Foundation At Work

Inspiring reading and writing skills at Doornkraal in the Witzenberg Valley

January 2023

On Friday, 13 January, we had the opportunity to visit Doornkraal farm in the Witzenberg valley (near Prince Alfred's Hamlet), with the teams from exporter, Green Marketing and grower Good Hope Fruit, as well as The My Story Tribe (journal supplier).

Special back-to-school gift packs were handed out to the kids at the Kriewelkouse partial care centre and Ansu van den Burgh, representing The My Story Tribe, explained the purpose of the journals they each received. The kids were excited to start with their unique stories in the new journals. It is a wonderfully creative tool to help them express themselves and find their own voice.

Thank you to everyone at Doornkraal and Good Hope Fruit, and Corine Groenewald of Green Marketing for all the arrangements. We were honoured to be included. A fantastic day out in the Witzenberg, spent with a very special group of people.